Monday, 6 August 2012

Crafty Women.

During the visit to my parents in Yorkshire soon after my arm operation, my Mum showed me some of the latest craft things she'd been working on. She has always been into crafts, from making clothes when we were young, needle work and embroidery, card making to water colours and markers (Not to forget the literary crafts she is fond of.) My family is full of crafty women! (In many senses!) My Grandma was big on embroidery and knitting and card making, my Mum all sorts as I mentioned, my Sister jams and home grown gubbins, so it is no surprise that when there is something new to try that I too am on the bandwagon! My Mother and I are similar in many tastes and hobbies, this one has turned out to be one of my favourites! 

The most recent hobby (at that point) was Pro-Markers. I didn't really think they were going to be that exciting if I'm honest, but after choosing some line drawings that I liked from the net I sat with my Mum and started to learn how to work the markers, what they were capable of and how to make them do what I wanted. I admit that my first attempts weren't the most impressive in the world, but they were decent! So during my time up at my parents that week my Mum and I managed to do about six pictures all on the same theme to put up on Mini Troll's wall. And I have to say I think they look smashing!

Be kind, this was my second ever picture doing it and I think it's funky! I'd take pictures of the ones up on his wall be he's currently asleep.

The pens work in the strangest of ways, when I first started using them I was convinced I was doing it all wrong and combining colours wasn't going to work and if I used yellow on black or grey it would ruin the pen! Boy, was I wrong! They blend so well, you can build up colours to put the most complicated amount of detail into a picture. They work for most things, and I'm having fun discovering what they work best at for me. If you Google them there are some amazing pieces people have shared! I shall never be as good as them but I am thoroughly enjoying improving with each peace I work on. They're not cheap but if you want a hobby you can be really creative with and keep adding to then they're for you! 

So that was it then, as soon as our next pay day rolled around we discovered that Hobby Craft had the markers, and what's more they were in the sale! I got myself a few* packs and set to work experimenting. I have since become fairly good at using them, good enough to be happy to make cards for friends and family. I thoroughly enjoy using the markers and have ended up with a vast collection of them which is growing at a steady rate. And as if my newest hobby wasn't bad enough for poor Hubby Troll, a new craft store has opened up locally, a discount outlet store no less! They have some fantastic products, including LOTS of stamps, wooden, clear rubber etc at the most fantastic prices! Which has renewed my love more than before I have got the colouring bug even more now! 

I've not got much more to say about them at the moment, however I am attaching a few pictures of the cards and pictures I've done. I'm pleased with the majority of them. They are done mostly with markers but there are a few that are decoupage or other methods.

In conclusion, if I have your address and you have a special occasion coming up, don't be surprised if you receive one of my cards, they may not be perfect but I have made it just for you, totally personalised with a lot of love and care, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it. (Though some of them involve a lot of swearing in the making process!) 

Take care all.
*Read as Lot.

These aren't all the things I've done, but they're the ones I can find on my PC. I have more on the go and am getting better daily, if you would like me to make a card for you I will happily just for the experience it gives me.


  1. They're amazing!! I'm the least artistic person I know, so colour me both impressed and a tad jealous!!

  2. I have to say you can see the improvements as you get better with the pens and how they blend together.
    Very proud.

  3. Thank you, I shall make sure I do you a Christmas card ;)