Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Adventures in....

Tomorrow we are off on adventures! There will be all sorts of exotic and fascinating things happening!

First we are going to dare brave the depths of town! There will be cheese and wax buying! (Not to be confused with tasty tasty Edam!) 

Then!!! There shall be walking! Oh for the walking! I am sure that by the time we get back from this part of our adventure we shall feel somewhat like Frodo and Sam did at the end of their journey, just with more babies/toddlers and less lava. And hopefully it will have a less touchy feely ending!

There will be unheard of and freakish animals too! Well.... ducks! We're going to try to fend them off with bread, I have heard this can work, but it can also make them come after you even more! It's a risk we're willing to take to re-claim the lake/pond! 

There will be a pool of the murkiest deepest scariest variety, where the tots shall wrestle it out and see who is the champion. I believe they call them 'Paddling Pools' in the professional tot wrestling leagues. 

And of course at the end of it there will be a meal fit for champions (and their offspring!) We will celebrate our adventures with cheese and home made biscuits and jam!  Or something. 

As I said, adventure! Not to be taken on too lightly! Some of us may not make it, and if that's the case I'm having their cake! Bod I hope there's cake! (and that it's not a lie!!) 

IF I manage to make it through the ordeal we shall have a second celebration at home with cottage pie! This will be a day to remember, a day to look back on! The day we can be proud of in years to come! The day we conquered Cwmtillery Lakes!!! 

*On a side note! I am really looking forward to tomorrow, taking all 4 tots up to the lake to feed the ducks and then coming back to Red's house to play in the paddling pool and have a picnic. I just hope the weather holds for it. Though I don't want it too hot because a) Weasel is rather pregnant and doesn't need to be exhausted by the heat as well as our Mordor style walk and b) walking up the hills/mountains/deserts/wastelands is hard work on a cool day, on a hot day with prams etc its blooming hard! It'll be nice to see the tots playing in the pool together and hopefully no one will try to drown each other and no one will damage anyone else! 

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